"BeStar" airplane is intended for the en-rout flights at the distance of 2000 km, initial training of pilots, patrolling the (AEP, gas-and-oil pipelines, fish exploration areas, highways, etc).
   Aviation and chemical work can be carried on after mounting the required farming equipment.
   Aircraft instrumentation provides to perform the flights in the normal weather condition. There is a possibility to install the equipment allowing night flying.
   On request of the customer the rescue system may be installed, and re-equipment of the airplane with the flotating landing gears will allow taking off and landing on the water surface.

The main designation: aerotaxi.
Variants of use: initial training of pilots, practice and pleasure flights, patrolling.
Service condition:Day and night flights under normal weather conditions. Take-off and landing from artificial and ground airfields. Take off and landing on water surface.
Arrangement:classical high-flying plane with the cantilever wing driven by a pulling power-plants, tri-prop landing gear with a nose-wheel.
Construction: Fuselage and empennage are wholly made of the composite materials on basis of carbon. Landing gears are of the non-tractable spring type with freely oriented nose-wheel and brake-wheels of the main props.

Engine master data

ROTAX 912 S with the propeller “Kiev prop”-283/1800
Spare parts: delivery of spare parts can be effected by official distributors in Ukraine and Russia (Commonwealth of Independent States), for example AVIAGAMMA, Moscow
Type – carburetor, four-stroke, four cylinder.
Weight – 58,3 kg.
Maximum power at 5,800 r.p.m. – 73.5 kilowatt
Fuel consumption per hour (average) – 14.5 l/hr
Engine oil used – Castrol, BP-300 (SAE10W-40)
Engine oil used – Castrol, BP-300 (SAE10W-40)
Fuel used – motor petrol with octane number not less than 95 (by the research method).

Geometry data

Length of airplane 6,33 m
Height of airplane 2,56 m
Wing span 11 m
Wing area 14,3 m2
Angle of transverse V wing
Parking angle
Wing setting angle
Wing profile NACA 23015
Tail plane area 3,2 m2
Arm GO 3,5 m
Static moment factor 0,53
Vertical plane area 2,3 m2
Arm VO 3,4 m
Static moment factor VO 0,055
Landing gear span 2,4 m
Wheel base 2 m
Cockpit height 1,1 m
Cockpit width 1,2 m
Cockpit length 1,9 m

Aircraft performance characteristics

 Length 6,33 m
 Wing span 11m
 Wing area 14,3 m2
 Wing span 8,5
 Takeoff weight 750 kg
 Net mass 400 kg
 Fuel weight 70 kg
 Payload mass 300 kg
 Maximum speed 400 km/h
 Cruising speed 280 km/h
 Takeoff speed 90 km/h
 Operating overload +4; -2
 Flight range with suspended fuel tanks 1500 km
 Engine 2 х "ROTAX"912S
Макет 4-х местного самолета.


ESTA Ltd also makes fullscale model of planes which are used for training of pilots, creations of aviation training apparatus.