VG-104 ("NEMA")

   Glass-fiber reinforced plastic blades (FRP fans) have, in comparison with metal blades, higher specific durability and rigidity, they don’t corrode and are suitable for exploitation under high humidity conditions and in a wide range of chemically active media. Ideally smooth polished surface of a plastic blade provides it with high aerodynamic characteristics that increases the efficiency of a ventilator operation. In addition, the power consumption, noise, mechanical part wear of a fan are decreased.
   Correctness of techniques of design and applied production technologies are confirmed by the long-term experience of reliable maintenance of the blades of our production at the Nikolaev allumina plant (“Russian Aluminium” joint-stock), Cherkassy joint-stock company “AZOT”and other Ukrainian enterprises.
   The blades are produced according to TU U 29.2-31043814.001-2003.
   The conditions of the delivery are stated in the price-list.
Diameter of the blade wheel, m2,5
Blade mass, kg 2
Blade length, m 1
Rotation speed, r.p.m. 375
Number of blades in a set, pcs. 6
Fan diameter, m 4,96
Blade mass (with the steel shaft), kg 40
Blade length (with the shaft), m 2,29
Rotation speed, r.p.m. 250/187
Number of blades, pcs. 3
Diameter of the blade wheel, m 7
Blade mass, kg 61
Blade length, m 3,3
Rotation speed, r.p.m. 178
Number of blades in a set, pcs. 4
Diameter of the blade wheel, m 10
Blade mass (with the shaft), kg 175
Blade length, m 4,2
Rotation speed, r.p.m. 90
Number of blades in a set, pcs.6