- the professional in manufacture of reinforced plastics

Since 1994 ESTA Ltd makes serial products from reinforced plastic.
Thanks to unique properties of reinforced plastics we are glad to offer strong, durable and aesthetic products to our customers.
Professionalism of engineering and factory personnel, the powerful manufacturing capabilities allows to make production of high quality and to carry out all production phases, such as:
  • Engineering development with computer modelling;
  • Development and manufacturing of plugs and moulds;
  • Manufacturing of plastic products of any complexity serially and under special custom design;
  • Guarantee and afterguarantee service, repair.

For today we offer:
We extend our range of goods continually.
The enterprise is certificated by the Shipping Register of Ukraine.
Manufacture is located in Nikolaev, boatbuiding shop is near to river port.

54007, Ukraine, Mykolaiv, POB. 129
tel.: (0512) 56-20-40, 56-19-50
       (0512) 72-70-38

радиопрозрачное укрытие 12м
New standard radome.
12m in diameter
1-18 GHz

January 2015.

Pool  " eight "
Section pool "eight":
length - 14,2 m;
width - 9,7 m;
depth-2,2 m.  

June 2013.

Model of plane
The fullscale model of four-seater airplane was made for trainings of pilots 

December 2012.

Рабочее колесо вентиляторной градирни ВГ-70

November 2012.

The new 5-blades driving wheel was developed for fan cooler VG-70      
Экологическая Регата - Кубок Кинбурнской косы

2012 June 27 - July 1.

Two yachts produced by ESTA Ltd have occupied prize-winning places in The ecological regatta in memoriam V.Shapovalova "The Cup Of The Kinburnsky Spit "
Регата памяти Героев-Ольшанцев

2012 June 2-4.

The Regatta in memoriam heroes-Olshantsi was carried out. Yacht KIWI has occupied the first place in its group yet again.                        
ВЭУ 8 кВт

January 2012.

In the end of January the first lot of blades for
8 kW vertical axis windturbines was produced.
Quita в Греции

2010, March.

Yacht Quinta near Greece.