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    Since 1996 wind turbines production and industrial wind power station construction have been carried on within the frames of the Complex program of the wind power station construction in Ukraine approved by The Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.137 dated February 3, 1997. The financing of the Complex program of wind power station construction in Ukraine is performed from the specialized fund of the state budget (‘Wind power energy fund’).
The fund is formed at the expense of 0,75% extra charge increment for the existing tariff for electric power sold on the wholesale market of electricity in Ukraine. This extra charge was introduced by the Law of Ukraine No.1812-III of June 8, 2000.
   General supervision and control of the program implementation is carried out by the Interdepartmental coordinating board comprising representatives of the Ministry of industrial policy, Ministry of fuel industry, National committee of electric power control, State water supply committee, Ministry of Defense, National aerospace agency, National enterprise “Energorynok”, National Academy of Science and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
   Development of wind power engineering is under direct patronage of President of Ukraine.  

  Equipment and serial production of blades and nacelles of any complexity can be produced according customer’s performance specification.
  The ESTA enterprise repairs blades of windmills of any complexity.    


    ESTA carries on large-scale manufacture of 8 meter glass-fiber reinforced blades and nacelles for USW 56-100 industrial wind turbines of 107,5 kilowatt power rating, that has been produced in Ukraine since 1995 under the license of KENETECH Windpower, Inc (USA).
    Production cycle of USW 56-100 comprises more than 30 enterprises.
   The assembly is carried out at the State enterprise “PO Yuzhny machine-construction factory named after A.M. Makarov ” (Dnepropetrovsk).
   By now over 1000 blades and 700 nacelles have been manufactured.
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WBM-100 for the wind turbine USW 56-100

wind turbine USW 56-100 New blade WBM-100 is developed for wind turbine USW-100 with an advanced fastener assembly.
Blades of new type differ high reliability: the fastening method allows to avoid the problems inherent in an old design.
лопасти WBM-100 The blade tip has got the new, more pointed form that is conducive to decreasing of noise level of the working turbine.
The blade basis is made wider that makes windmill start more facilitated.
More than 20 sets of blades were turned out.
Since 2009 they successfully work as a part of installations on Saksky, Tarhankutsky, Novoazovsky and East Crimean wind power stations.
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One of problems which face at operation of USW 56-100 wind turbine , is slideing of the blade from a steel sleeve. Therefore, as a result of our investigation, the original, essentially new variant of mechanical joining of the blade is developed at ESTA enterprise . Read more in article. "THE ANALYSIS OF DURABILITY OF ADHESIVE JOINT OF USW-56-100 WIND TURBINE BLADE." Gejko S., Astakhov.O, Danilenko A.

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 ESTA enterprise developed the manufacture of blades and nacelles for 600 kw windmills.
This year the blades of windturbine 600 kw, which have suffered from ice covering, were repaired.

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   ESTA also produces blade for low power wind turbines. Their main parameters are referred to below.

low-powered wind turbines
Wind speed,
Rotation frequency,
min. rat. max.
0,39 --- 0,4 1,5 - 30 - 700
1,5 Espero 2 4 - 10 - 400
2,5 Nasa 63 4 6,5 - 11 - 250
3,75 Espero 5 25 3,5 10 50 115
5,2 Nasa 63 20 40 3,5 12 50 125

Photo of the ESTA Ltd blades for low-powered wind turbines.

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 ESTA Ltd todether with Yuzhnoe Design Office and faculty of construction and manufacture of goods from composite materials from Nikolaev Shipbuilding University carrys on development of adaptive blade for windturbine 3kW.

испытания углепластиковой лопасти   The ability of fibrous plastic laminate to change the form of a bend with changing of reinforcing pattern has already used in aircraft (a plane of a wing), shipbuilding ( a screw propeller). There are examples of using of this phenomenon and in the wind-power engineering. This phenomenon enables to achieve twisting of blade on the demanded angles of attack? providing the constant frequency of rotor rotation at different speeds of wind.

Number of blades 3 pcs.
Diameter of a rotor 5000 - 6000 mm
Blade mass 3 - 3,5 kg
Profile NACA 4412 or NACA 4415
Rated power of windturbine 3 kW
Nominal speed of a wind rotor 300 rev/min
Blade life time 20 years


Photos of Mirnovskaya windfarm

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