2012 June 2-4.

The Regatta in memoriam heroes-Olshantsi

Регата 2012

Регата 2012

    On June, 2nd the Regatta of cruiser yachts in memoriam heroes-Olshantsi started. 34 yachts took part in the race. Race has pleased with fireworks of spinnaker.The photo is from a site pn.mk.ua. Also we hasten to calm readers of pn.mk.ua - any yacht has not fliped over. Sharp turns of yachts (broaching) add audience appeal to the yachting.

   Yacht KIWI , built in 2008 by ESTA LTD,occupied the first place in its group yet again.




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 ESTA Ltd todether with Yuzhnoe Design Office and faculty of construction and manufacture of goods from composite materials from Nikolaev Shipbuilding University carrys on development of adaptive blade for windturbine 3kW.

испытания углепластиковой лопасти   The ability of fibrous plastic laminate to change the form of a bend with changing of reinforcing pattern has already used in aircraft (a plane of a wing), shipbuilding ( a screw propeller). There are examples of using of this phenomenon and in the wind-power engineering. This phenomenon enables to achieve twisting of blade on the demanded angles of attack? providing the constant frequency of rotor rotation at different speeds of wind.

Number of blades 3 pcs.
Diameter of a rotor 5000 - 6000 mm
Blade mass 3 - 3,5 kg
Profile NACA 4412 or NACA 4415
Rated power of windturbine 3 kW
Nominal speed of a wind rotor 300 rev/min
Blade life time 20 years

The purpose of the present researches is the creation of the blade? which can provide the twisting of an end section within the limits of 8-12 degrees at nominal loading.
The preliminary theoretical researches allowed to make following conclusions:
  1. There is a necessity to use the carbon reinforcing materials with high tensile modulus in a combination with usual glass ones.
  2. The direction of carbon reinforcing, wich provides the highest efficiency of blade, has been determined. The glass fiber have to be laid transversely to carbon ones.
   Theoretical researches have allowed to define the reinforcing pattern and the thickness of the shell as a first approximation.

   Elastic properties of reinforcing materials, which were used in calculations, were defined by tests os samples in laboratory of NSU.

   For confirmation of teoretically developed results the prismatic shells of NACA 63-21x profile and 500 mm in length were produced and tested. They confirm the appropriateness of the chosen direction of reserches.

    At the next stage on the base extensive experimental and teoretical workups of this problem ESTA Ltd has produced two blades for bench tests. The carbon fibers (tensile modulus - 240 GPa) and high-quality resins from leading European producers were used. THe shells were produced by vacuum forming at a room temperature with a subsequent heat treatment.

   By that moment the special plant for loading and gaging of deformation has been designed and produced in the laboratory of faculty of composite materials of NSU. angular deflection of sections on length were fixed under the displacement of laser beams, fixed on the leading and tail edges of blade. THe displacements were fixed by detector of sagittary type. THe external loading was simulated by spotted loadings, which were allocated on the aaerodynamic calculations given by Yuzhnoe Design Office.

   During the tests it was ascertain? that in practice angular deflection of an end section is 8 degrees at the nominal conditions of windmill. Loading till destruction has shown that the blade has high enough load-carrying ability - failure load surpassed working load more than three times.

   Now ESTA Ltd has started the manufacture of three blades for experimental wind turbine 3/20M.




 The President of Ukraine, Victor Yuschenko, signed into law, establishing special “green” taxes for electric and heat power, generated by alternative ecologically pure sources of energy. Reportedly, on the 25th of October, 359 people’s deputies voted for adopting the statue of “Making changes in electro energetic industry” and the statue of “Alternative sources of energy”

испытания углепластиковой лопасти   According to the Act, “green taxes” is a special price for electricity, generated by electric power facilities that use alternative sources of energy (except blast-furnase and coke-oven gas) and hydropower plants of small type. According to the statue, wholesale electric power market of Ukraine has to purchase electricity that is generated by electric power facilities that use alternative sources of energy by the “green taxes”, if the electricity is not sold directly to a consumer or electro supplying company. Electric power, generated by the alternative sources of energy can be realized within “green taxes” by convention directly with consumer. Here, the authority, designated by the Verkhovna Rada, gives the consumer an act in set form, which confirms the purchase of electricity, generated by the alternative sources of energy, and determines resort of this act. According to the law, National Committee of Electricity Regulation approves “green taxes” within 10 years up to the double level of average price of electricity, generated by the electric power facilities, which sell electricity to the wholesale market, but not cheaper than double level of average price of electricity, generated by all electric power facilities during the year before approving the “green price”. This tariff is revised every year in set order. The statue takes effect in day of its publication. In conclusion, National Committee of Electricity Regulation has to fix the “green taxes”, approve establishing order, revision and suspending the effect of “green price” for parties of economical activities in three months.

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