We offer you 12-sectional glass-fibre modular pool for country houses and recreation centre.

  The pool can be completed steps with an antislipping coverage.

  Depth of the pool, m 1,5-3
  Diameter internal, m 5 и 8
  Diameter externa, m 6 и 9

Advantages of the glass-fibre pool:

  • The pool is made from high quality materials industrially.
  • Coating of pool's surface provides durability to a UV, does not absorb mud and does not demand rigid chemical clearing.
  • Surface of a bowl is mirror-finished. That keeps you from injury. There a slime isn't farmed and algae don't grow into.
  • Speed of installation of pool on your place is 5-10 days.
  • And finally glass-fibre pool are practical. They are in harmony with any style of the buildings, whether they can be ultra-modern or classical design.

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