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logo ESTAESTA Ltd - the professional in manufacture of reinforced plastics

Since 1994 ESTA Ltd makes serial products from reinforced plastic.
Thanks to unique properties of reinforced plastics we are glad to offer strong, durable and aesthetic products to our customers.
Professionalism of engineering and factory personnel, the powerful manufacturing capabilities allows to make production of high quality and to carry out all production phases, such as:

  • Engineering development with computer modelling;
  • Development and manufacturing of plugs and moulds;
  • Manufacturing of plastic products of any complexity serially and under special custom design;
  • Guarantee and afterguarantee service, repair.

So for today we offer:

We extend our range of goods continually.
The enterprise is certificated by the Shipping Register of Ukraine.
Manufacture is located in Nikolaev, boatbuiding shop is near to river port.


Customer Logos


глиссирующий катер Fiskebat PRO

Descent of the "Fiskebat PRO" project glidding motor boat. Norwegian modification of the project Fiskebat PRO - Interfisher 600yu.
This boat is implemented as an escort boat for the cruising - racing yacht of the ESTA 34.5 "project.

25 years

of experience in plastic manufacturing!

for cooperation!

Next series of gangways 2m and 4m in length has been shipped. Our gangways are certified by the Shipping Register of Ukraine.
Blades installation video

In the Kramatorsk wind farm, the installation of blades at the first wind turbine with a capacity of 4.5 MW was completed

See the video ...

JEC Composite

The ESTA Ltd team masters the innovations and advanced technologies of the composite industry at JEC Composite 2019.

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