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See also Cooling Tower Fans.

Using glass-fiber plastics for cooling tower became a rule in a world practice primarily owing to high durability of effects of a moisture and ultra-violet radiation. Their life cycle is more then 4-5 times greater in comparison with steel thus a construction does not require servicing.
The external polyester gelcoat can be produced in wide colour spectrum that gives to a cooling tower the good exterior improving industrial design of the factory.
Owing to a modular design and lightl weight, assembly can be carried out in the shortest periods that is important for reducing of shutdown of the cooler.

Low specific gravity of glass fibre plastics reduces a structure weight nearly twice in comparison with metallic one;
Besides incrustation on a plastic surface grows not so strongly. If nevertheless scurf emerged, it is easily deleted by water.

Runner and stack for cooling tower VG-50

Stack for VG-50 cooling tower

Runner and stack for cooling tower VG-50

Fan stack inner diameter, m5,04
Fan stack height, m:
Number of sections of fan stack12

Stack for VG-70 cooling tower

Stack for VG-70 cooling tower

See also Cooling Tower Fans.

Fan stack inner diameter, m7,0
Fan stack height, m:3.5
Weight of one section, kg<100
Number of sections of fan stack12

Stack for cooling tower D-27

Stack for cooling tower D-27-2

It is intalled rectangular side up.

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