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Glass-fiber reinforced plastic blades, in comparison with metal blades, have much higher strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity, they don’t corrode and are fit for maintenance under high humidity conditions and in the wide range of chemical active media.
The ideally smooth polished surface of a glass-fiber reinforced plastic blade ensures high aerodynamic characteristics increasing the efficiency of a fan maintenance. Moreover, power con-sumption, noise, mechanical components wear are decreased.

The right choice of materials and technologies of manufacturing is proved by the long-term experience of reliable operation of the blades of our production at the metallurgical works of Krivoj Rog region.
The manufacturer ensures the monitoring of the blades in the warranty period and carries on post-warranty maintenance.

Industrial fan blades

The blades are made according to TU U 29.2-31043814.001-2003.

Diameter of the blade wheel, m3,5
Blade mass, kg10,2
Blade length, m3,5
Rotation speed, r.p.m.326
Number of blades in a set, pcs.6

Industrial fan 13 PFT blades


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Diameter of the blade wheel, m3,96
Blade mass, kg15
Blade length, m1,72
Rotation speed, r.p.m.305
Number of blades in a set, pcs.3-6
Pressure, Pa140-250
Productivity, x1000 m3 / hour320-490

Industrial fan blade of ТВ type

TB-type blade

There are 4 blades in the set.

TB 94952671139,8
TB 104952451292,2
TB 116103151444,6
TB 11.56103151444,6
TB 126102961594,0
TB 137183621749,4
TB 147183471901,8

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Rotation speed,
Pressure, Pa

20- PFTblades for industrial fan

Fan blades 20PFT are intended for fans of air cooled heat exchanger in the enterprises chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, etc. industries.
20PFT  blade

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Diameter of a blade wheel, m6,09
Blade mass, kg38
Blade length, m2,635
Rotation speed, r.p.m.185
Number of blades in a set, pcs.6
Pressure, Pa140
Capacity, thousand m3/h1108