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Satcom & Radar Reflector Antennas


ESTA Ltd produces reflectors for satcom and radar antennas for defense and commercial use according to the technical specifications of the customer.

We choose materials and manufacturing technology according to the requirements for electric losses and mechanical strength. Special attention is paid to the accuracy of the reflector surface geometry. Therefore, reflectors are made from carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber materials have a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion. It reduces the deformation of the reflector from thermal gradients on the surface.

Reflector Antennas are made by closed molding methods. Compared to traditional open molding methods, closed molding methods allow more precise control of the resin to fiber ratio. This characteristic significantly affects dimensional stability, accuracy, and appearance.

3D designs are transferred directly to CNC machines for rapid precise production of mold components and plug.

"Mineral-ME" radar antennas were manufactured at the ESTA Ltd enterprise.
Extensive test measurements performed by STATE ENTERPRISE “RADIOVYMIRUVACH” show that reflectors passed the impact strength and vibration resistance tests.

Radar antenna 1

Radar antenna 2

Radar antenna 3

Radar antenna 4

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