Fiberglass pools

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We offer you fiberglass modular pool for country houses and recreation centers.

Advantages of the fiberglass swimming pool:

  • The pool is made from high-quality materials industrially.
  • Coating of pool's surface provides durability to a UV, does not absorb mud and does not demand rigid chemical clearing.
  • Surface of a bowl is mirror-finished. That keeps you from injury. There a slime isn't farmed and algae don't grow into.
  • Speed of installation of pool on your place is 5-10 days.
  • And finally fiberglass pools are practical. They are in harmony with any style of the buildings, whether they can be ultra-modern or classical design.

The pool can be completed steps with an anti-slipping coverage.


  Depth of the pool, m1,5-3
  Diameter internal, m5 и 8
  Diameter externa, m6 и 9

Swimming pool installation

Round pool

Swimming pool "eight"

  Depth of the pool, m2,2
  Length, m11,5
  Length with steps, m14,24
  Width max, m7
  Width max. with steps, m9,71

Swimming pool drawing "eight"

Pool "eight"

Pool "eight" at night with illumination
Pool "eight" at night with illumination

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