Project Esta 52 of motor sailer yacht (52ft)

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Motorsailer yacht of Esta 52 Project (52ft)

The motorsailer yacht of project Esta 52 is easily controled by two crew members, well adapted for comfortable rest of six persons.

In 2009 the head boat, yacht Quinta, was downed on water . See the photo of yacht of Quinta.

Publications about the yacht Quinta.
Журнал Шкипер 5'09 "Высокие паруса с Южного Буга "
Журнал Шкипер 1'10 "Яхта окрыленная мечтой "

Technical data

Navigation areaunlimited
Length overall., m15,5
Breadth, m4,6
Draught, m2,4
Deep displacement, t18
Total area of sails, sq.m151
Fuel tank capacity, l100
Fresh water tank capacity, l2х400
EngineVolvo Penta D2
Engine power75 л.с.
Speed with working engine9,2 knots
Speed under sail, max12 knots


In an interior designers work for achieving a modern view at classical elegance.
The high cabin has allowed to reach excellent visibility in a mess room, and it is possible to place the generator, great volume of stocks of fuel and water.

The cockpit differs high functionality, access in cockpit is possible from any directions, ample quantity of horizontal planes serve as spacious seats. There is an extensive recreational area for bathing on transom.

Interior of Quinta yacht

The presented variant of internal arrangement warrants comfortable accommodation of six person.

In a spacious after cabin of the owner of a yacht there are the double bed, set of lockers, book shelfs, an armchair and a in-out chair, an exit into a separate latrine with shower room.
Your guests will accommodated in a fore cabin: a V-shaped double bed, a cosy sofa, a table and lockers.

On the starboard - a double cabin for crew. Opposite- a guest bathroom.
The galley is equipped by all necessary for storage and cooking: a double-horn gas cooker, a refrigerator, a kitchen working table, a sink from the stainless steel, two pumps, the tank of a drinking water, a hydrophore.

It is possible to place a washing machine in a bathroom.
Finishing coatings in all cabins are realized in high-quality materials.


The hull is made from (vinyl ethereal) polyether glass-fiber resin.
The shell thickness:

in bottom - 20 mm
in board – 10 mm.

The framing system - transverse.

Three-layer constructions were not used in a hull structure. The traditional beam system of strengthening of lining plates is applied. Isophthalic polyester resin is used as a binding agent. Reinforcement is from high-strength glass fibre materials from the continuous directed filaments. Owing to these features the hull is devoid of a lack of plastic yachts : low flexural and torsional stiffness.

On the bottom the hull is strengthened by a steel frame in area of bracing of keel, a mast and rigging cleats.


Deck It is made as a sandwich structure.
Cover of a deck - a tic of 16 mm.

Deck equipment

The yacht is equipped by deck equipment of firm Wind - the sheet, halyard and auxiliary winches, stoppers WIND "Superlock", carriages, travelers, blocks of pendant and spring-loaded types, decked organizers of type ТВО-68-4.

Radio-electrical equipment

It consists of a GPS navigation system, magnetic compasses, an echo-sounder-log, a radar, an autopilot.


Auxiliary engine - VolvoPenta D2-55S-drive (75 h.p.).
Fuel consumption: 180 g*h.p.\hour.
Speed with working engine is 7.5 knots.
Stock of fuel - 800 l.


Total sails area is 151 sq. meters
Sail set:
the main sail - 65 кв.м.
the 1st genoa - 86 кв.м.
the staysail - 35 кв.м.
the spinnaker - 200 кв.м.
Speed under sail -up to 12 knots..
The mast and the boom are made of aluminium-magnesium alloy.

Quinta cabine
There is enough space in the cabin for you, your family and guests.


A fore cabin.


See also Motorsailer yacht of Esta 34 Project (34,5ft/ 10,5 m) for details.

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