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ESTA Ltd produces plastic (GRP) yacht and boat accessories. Such as gangways, steering pedestal, hatches, yacht ventilation cowls, WC blocks etc.
Plastic yacht equipment, deck fittings and elements of the interior can be made individually according to customer’s drawings.

Gangways of glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP)

GRP gangways are suitable both for river and seagoing merchant and passenger vessels.

Glass fibre-reinforced plastic design is light, durable and has non-skid surface.
Gangways can be custom-produced.

Certified by the The Shipping Register of Ukraine.


Specifications for the gangways

2,5 m3 m4 m
Length, m2,533,034,05
Width, m0,8
Height, m1,1
Flooring width, m0,6
Max. tilt angle30°
Weight, kg505572


Flight of gangwayFiberglass
RailingPolyamide rope

Steering pedestal

Steering pedestal are produced with two versions of the dashboard:

1-t version: 0,70 х 0,45 х 0,4 m
2-d version: 0,465 х 0,36 х 0,4 m


ESTA Ltd also produces fiberglass hatches for yachts. The construction of the hatch uses a transparent monolithic polycarbonate, rubber seal.
Production of the hatch under customer's sizes is possible.


Yacht ventilation cowls

Yacht cowl vents are intended to ensure the circulation of fresh air in the interior of the vessel. They are made of GRP.

cowl vent

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